How We Got Started

The idea of BoardPackager came to a New York City real estate agent as he was standing over a copier at 10:00 p.m., making 8 copies of a 500-page application board package–his first. He thought that with all the advances in file-sharing technology, there had to be an easier way to digitally complete and sign an application, get supporting documentation from clients, pay all fees online, and electronically submit. So, after he hand delivered the 4,000 pages to the property management company, he called a friend who knew a developer. With a partnership formed, BoardPackager was born.

Making Real Estate Easier for Everyone

Our mission is to break the cycle of miscommunication, delays and wasted resources. We put the right tools into BoardPackager to make the process more efficient and fluid—resulting in faster assembly, approval and closing times. BoardPackager is more than just a secure, online means of easily completing, assembling, signing and submitting board packages for property purchases or rentals.

Real estate is a business built around relationships, information and time constraints. In order to grow, all three have to be maximized to their fullest potential. BoardPackager was created so that all participants in the platform are able to reach greater levels of success via this one simple tool.

Guiding Principles

We truly believe BoardPackager makes the lives of property managers, real estate agents, applicants, board members, attorneys, and mortage brokers/bankers better.

Constant Beta

We strive to design, build, and constantly improve a comprehensive product that enables all users to have greater success–whether they’re buying, selling, managing, or voting.

Keep it Simple

Our mission is to simplify and expedite real estate “paperwork.” In the process, we realized we actually could make the whole process easier. We work every day to make that happen.

Listen and Learn

Working closely with our partners is not only good customer service, it informs our business. We incorporate suggestions into our product which improves the platform and users’ experiences.

Stay Small, Think Big

Having a small, nimble team allows us to concentrate on our top priorities: Our customers and our product. Free of distractions, we’re able to focus and go the extra mile.

No Shortcuts

Sensitive personal and institutional data requires more care and more effort. We take this responsibility seriously, protecting partners’ and their clients’ information. See our Security page for more information.

Dream Managers

We’d be nothing without great people. They work hard to make the best product on the market, so we work hard to make sure they are living fulfilling lives on and off the clock.

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